Choose the right carton machinery

Determine the printing of the production of the carton to determine the most appropriate type of carton machinery
How to determine the length of the cardboard by the length, width and height of the carton and finally determine the custom size of the machine?
Board length formula:A+B+A+B+E Board height formula:C+D+D

Solution-Place the carton machinery

The placement of the machine and the size of the machine is also one of the customer concerns. We will issue a foundation drawing according to the customized models, which will completely mark the data of each Angle of the machine. Customers who have already found a site and have difficulty placing machines. We will also make personalized changes to the machine design according to the needs of customers.

Solution-Transport carton machinery

We have many years of trade experience, and we sell more than 50 machines abroad every year. We have very mature experience in product packaging, transportation and other aspects. The machine is equipped with connecting rings to make loading and unloading containers convenient. 

Service-Before sale

The sales and technical departments work together to help customers analyze their needs and solve their concerns. The corrugated box machine to give professional advice and design scheme. Bring 100% of customers' ideas into reality.You tell us the requirements, we will help you customize.

Service-After sale

Taisheng to do a good job of product quality first, at the same time to create a complete service system. Taisheng has a mature and professional foreign trade after-sales team, after-sales technicians to serve customers one to one. 24h service is provided. Technicians try their best to help foreign customers do a good job in the mechanical installation of corrugated boxes and worker training. The company arranges after - sales staff resident abroad, timely do a good job in the market after - sales service.

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