TSG-3 Automatic Whole Vacuum Transfer High Speed Printer Slotter Die Cutter Machine

TSG-3 Automatic Whole Vacuum Transfer High Speed Printer Slotter Die Cutter Machine

TSG-3 classification corrugated carton making machines can manufacture corrugated cartons through the use of 1-8 color printing, slotting, diecutting, and other multi-channel programs. The host carriable frequency control, lead edge suction feeding system, and adjustable air volume Electric PLC computer is used for phase adjustment, pneumatic unit locking, electrical control of machine separation and combination, and fine grinded gear. Lubrication is accomplished through the use of a closed spray lubrication system. Keyless connection is used by Gears.

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automatic printing slotter die cutting machine


 Model TSG-3-920 TSG-3-1224 TSG-3-1628
Max. Machine Speed  (pcs/minute) 300 280 180
Max. Feeding Size (mm) 900×2000 1200×2400 1600×2800
Jump Feed Max. Cardboard Size(mm) 1200×2000 1500×2400 1900×2800
Min. Cardboard Size(mm) 300×600 365×600 450×600
Max. Printing Size 900×1960 1200×2360 1600×2760
Min Slotter Blade Space  (Male) (mm) 150×150×150×150 150×150×150×150 150×150×150×150
Min Slotter Blade Space  (Female) (mm) 240×65×240×65 260×65×260×65 260×100×260×100
Max Slotting Deep(mm) 250 300 400


Performance Characteristics of The Whole Machine   

The machine transmission adopts whole vacuum adsorption printing,  more precise and clearer.

Make zero automatic,reset automatic.

Automatic oil balance installation,to keep the oil of each unit in same lever.

Independent computer control,can save frequently-used orders,the quantity can be1000pcs maximum.Fastly order change,convenient operation.

Feeder Unit

Can be continuous feeding and space feeding.

Inverter control the vacuum air and pressure,to follow the cardboard size.

Can adjust the feeding preceding to reduce the pressure of feeder roller.

Computer control the space of feeder roller and the position of both sides guard.

Backside starker computer control front and backside,increase the speed of set up.

Electrostatic dust removing device,Multi brush and fan cleaning the wastepaper in surface of the cardboard.To increase the printing quality.

The adjustment of  pressure of feeder rollers adopts computer control,between 0-12mm.

The power transmission system adopts cam bearing transmission,in order to reduce the abrasion and make the transmission more steady.

Protector of  main motor start(The main motor can not start when the machine didn't lock well).

Feeder Unit and Printer Unit adopt encoder making zero.Ordinary carton producing can use making zero automatic device.The correct position can be adjusted by test printing of 2 cardboard.In order to not waste cardboard.

Vacuum Transfer Printing Unit

The printing rollers are rollers are made by high quality steel, hard chrome plating,surface grinding.

Pedal switch control the printing roller turning forward or back off when install the printing sheet.

Adopts vacuum transfer(The surface of the transfer wheel is made by ceramic,in order to increase the rub and using life).Can transfer the cardboard without transfer roller.

The adjustment of the  Printing pressure rollers space adopts commuter control,between 0-12mm.

Immobilization device of the printing phase.Electromagnetic clutch brake type brake mechanism.The Brake mechanism to limit gear rotation,Maintain the fixed position of the original gear when the units separate or adjust the phase and cleaning.

Horizontal phase using computer control,±10mm.

Automatic reset system after cleaning plate.

Pneumatic single diaphragm pump,Ink supply stability,Desperation maintenance is simple.

Ink tank is placed under the Single blade ink supply system.

Automatic switch cleaning device, so that ink recycling more thoroughly.

Servo motor is adopted for phase adjustment

Adopt ceramic anilox

Die cutter Unit

The die roller is made of high quality steel, hard chrome plating,surface grinding.

Balance correction,Increase running stability .

The anvil roller is made of high quality steel, hard chrome plating,surface grinding.

Balance correction,Increase running stability .

Computer and digit control system are adopted for the  space of pushing roller.

Planetary gear structure.

Computer and digit control system are adopted for the die cutting phase,can adjust circle.

Transverse phase using computer and electric digital control, control range ±10mm

Anvil roller compensation adopts servo motor,to control the speed of the anvil roller.Compensation range ±3mm.

Dryer Unit

Vacuum adsorption roller transfer, roller rows of staggered arrangement, to strengthen

the stability of the board transfer .

The air door can be adjusted automatically according to the cardboard different size.

Can make selection of hot air / infrared /IR/ UV three kinds of drying system based on the configuration.

The drying system adopts PLC program automatic control.

Automatic control of temperature control, fault alarm protection, automatic alarm and

fault status display.

Drying system adopts host dual protection control start and close.Completely solve the combustion and damage problem of the printing products,because of UV/IR lamp direct irradiation too long time when the machine stop working

The Feature of TSG-3 Whole Vacuum Transfer Automatic High

1.The machine transmission adopts whole vacuum adsorption printing, more precise and clearer.

2.Make zero automatically, and reset automatically.

3.Automatic oil balance installation, to keep the oil of each unit in the same lever.

4.Independent computer control can save frequently-used orders,the quantity can be 1000pcs maximum. Fastly order change, convenient operation.


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